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Eine Mischung aus dem Ouija-Brett und dem Ovilus in Ihrer Tasche!

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Much like the Ovilus device that you see on Ghost Adventures and the Ouija board, The Ouijalus has a set bank compressed with individual letters (A-Z), individual numbers (1-10), Hello, Goodbye, Yes, no and "666". There are absolutely no words pre-programmed in this application.


1. Open the Ouijalus app
2. "Load App"
3. Press "Power"
4. Begin asking questions.

This application is not pre programmed to give you entertainment results. It's triggered by EMF energy. It may say random things but once a spirit is in your presence and it figures out how to manipulate the Ouijalus, you will know it.

Use the "History" button to review the things that have been said during your session. Easily clear the history by holding down the "power" button for a few seconds.

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