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GeminusBox es una nueva aplicación para dispositivos Android ITC

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GeminusBox is our new ghost box app and is a joint venture between SoulSeekersUK and SPAIN PARANORMAL.
The app has been written from the ground up and incorporates the best of both from our app development. Geminus has a total of 12 banks of audio again no words and all reversed plus we have made it as easy to use as possible.
Simply pick you sweep rate from 25ms to 800ms and press the on button or if you want to keep things as random as possible hit the AUTO button which removes the plus and minus buttons and starts scanning with a totally random sweep rate that constantly changes.
We also added a magnetic compass plus a K2 feature but please note these will only be available if your device has a magnetic compass. These are just added features and if not active will not impact on the ghost box which will operate as normal. The K2 feature is not as accurate as a real k2 but does work well but is not meant to replace a real k2 device. If a strong magnet field is detected the K2 will light up plus the compass will react and become erratic which is a possible indication a spirit maybe close.
As always we recommend you record all your sessions with an external recorder for best results

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