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La risposta a tutte le domande, rinascerà attraverso il suono del pianoforte.

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【Background Story】
A girl who fell from the skies and lost her past; Deemo who plays the piano all alone in the world of the treehouse; an accidental encounter between the two.

The music flows as the fingers hit the piano keys.
The start of a fairytale journey has begun...

"Never Left Without Saying Goodbye──"

-A Classic Reborn: Centered around an ancient castle and a mysterious tree that grows when melody is in the air, control the little girl who has fallen from the sky and help her find her way home.

-Investigation Reborn: Unravel riddles and mysteries hidden in the castle. Find sheet music that falls from the heavens, unlock new places, and discover the truth.

-Rhythm Reborn: Play your heart out on the piano and make the mysterious tree grow. Unveil new parts of the story and look forward to the day that the girl can return to her heart-warming home.

-Melodies Reborn: Over 60+ classic songs that are loved by all. New pieces of music await you to take on their challenge.

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