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Грандиозный особняк, подлым убийства и сбор подозрительных персонажей.

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Cluedo is the classic mystery game!

Now you can play the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go.

WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE? Download the official app and crack the case!

Join Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Dr Orchid and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in Tudor Mansion.

Dr Black has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room?

Roll the die to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!”

Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings.

Make brilliant deductions and solve the crime first!

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